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Rabu, 31 Agustus 2022

Lyrics Lagu OST Tower Of Fantasy Cetus Island Shymie Meant To Be


Shymie Meant To Be
Shymie Meant To Be

Pasti kalian penasaran kan siapa penyanyi dari OST Tower Of Fantasy Cetus Island. Setiap kita berada di area pada pukul 22:00 malam maka lagu tersebut bakalan ada nah lagu siapakah ini ? terus detail lyricsnya seperti apa ? lumayan kan kalo lagi gabut bisa gass ke lagu ini sambil nyanyi di kamar mandi.

Meant to be

  • Produced by: Chen Qian (陈麒安) & Qu Yang (曲扬)
  • Performed by: Shymie
  • Composed by: Qu Yang (曲扬)
  • Arranged by: Qu Yang (曲扬)
  • Lyrics by: Lei Shi (雷十)
  • Vocals: Shymie
  • Guitar: Ray Eleven (雷十一)
  • Drums: Wang Peng (王鹏)
  • Strings: Asian Philharmonic Orchestra (亚洲爱乐乐团)
  • Remix: 刘思宇@NEWBAND STUDIO
Lyrics Lagu Meant To Be Shymie

Above The Sky, Beneath The Sea
Hiding in the space or lost in our destiny
Believe in me and be with me
But everything's meant to be

I've seen people come and go
With hand a broken dream
When the stars are gone
the night is cold
being so lonely

But if it's my only chance
To catch you in this tiny life
The world on fire
And i will hold you tight

Reff :

Till the end of the time
None of Us will say Goodbye
And my love won't die
For and ever is you and i
Don't you leave a tear for me
Don't you sleep with a broken dream
When Everything's meant to be

Through The Fire and throught the time
Through the thing i called it love
And brought you by my side
Believe in you and hold your hand
And story can never end

I've seen people laugh and cry
With someone stick in mind
Someone got the reason
But never really find the rhyme
But i've met you in this life
I'll be brace and try my very best
The world is mad
But i will hold you tight

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