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Rabu, 21 November 2018

Sausage Man Versi 7.24 Android

Game Battleroyale mirip pubg, dengan sentuhan mirip minecraft Lets gameplay......

On November 10th, the v7.24 version was ushered in. The new version of the throwing props "Stained Bomb" and the death mark "Scarecrow" were attacked. A variety of hits, eliminations and special effects were added. The battle was even more exciting! Looking forward to your experience~

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"Sausage Party" iOS, Android dual platform does not delete the file test!
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V7.24 version update content:
1, add new throwing props: dirt bomb
2, increase the battlefield shadow effect, set the screen selection to the extreme can be opened
3, increase elimination, knockdown, revenge reminder
4, increase the login interface to increase the switchable account Function
5, increase the role of the direction of the hit direction
6, increase the performance of the map marker light column
7, increase the team command voice, and adjust the team command display position
8, increase the props when the ground is prompted to
improve the effect 9, increase the hit, eliminate the target Prospective feedback
10, increase the elimination target after the balloon mark

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